Justin Philips

Kinesiologist /Personal Trainer

Acute and chronic sports injury rehabilitation, postural issues and athletic performance are common reasons people come to Justin

About Justin
Justin first encountered Kinesiology late in high school.  Being a active in hockey, soccer, snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, and playing rugby, he experienced his share of sports injuries.  He was always interested in determining the cause of his injuries, how to fix them to get back to sports!

After high school Kinesiology was an obvious choice for Justin. During his studies at Brock University, Justin focused on training principles, athletic therapy, care and prevention of injuries, and exercise prescription.

Upon graduating he has worked as a kinesiologist/active care specialist in a multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic, in a health and wellness resort, in a large fitness facility, and also internationally as a senior personal trainer in a fitness club in New Zealand.  These experiences and his passion for travel and adventure has brought him to Kelowna to further his practice in the rehabilitation and fitness fields.

Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours, Brock University2010

Current member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK)
Canadian Fitness Professionals (CAN-FIT-PRO) Personal Trainer Specialist
Current member of the Canadian Register of Exercise Professionals (repscanada)
Red Cross Sport First Aid CPR/AED level C certified.

Rock climbing, snow boarding, hiking, team sports, exercising


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About 40% of Justin's clients see him for injury rehabilitation or recovery.


About 40% of Justin's clients see him to meet fitness goals.


About 20% of Justin's clients see him for weightloss.



"Justin is an absolute professional, I could not recommend anyone better!"

— Christiaan D.

"Good old Justin aye. He is THE BEST as it comes. Intelligent and physically active with a can do attitude. I was a 55kg boney guy with an interest in extreme sports. After a year with him, i had a healthy 70ish kg well toned and active body. His method works so trust him. He is not in it for the money but genuinely wants to help. Thnx Justin "

— Visal P.

"Justin is a great trainer if you want to tone your muscles, or even get in shape. 
Not to mention being a great trainer he is great at what he does being a kinesiologist! With his help and dedication to my needs be helped me recover from my knee injury!"

—Mariah M.