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Better Fitness

Launch yourself to the next level of fitness. Get stronger, faster and healthier.


Launch yourself into a new you! Weightloss that works with one on one support.

Car Accident / Injury Recovery

Launch yourself into a better recovery.  Recover faster and fuller with the help of our well trained rehabilitation experts.

Personal Training That Gets Results

Man training with a personal trainer.

Better Personal Training for Better Fitness

At Launch Fitness, we know that your time is valuable. And we know that you can’t afford to waste it on ineffective programs. That's why we have some of the best Personal Trainers in the fitness industry. So you can be sure to get the best results. 

So how do we get better fitness results?

With better training! And we don't mean just for our clients. Our Personal Trainers have up to 15x the education of some personal trainers!

So how do we get better fitness results?

Better fitness means less injuries and more results. It means understanding what you are doing and why. And it also means proper form and covering the basics before moving into advanced training.

So what does better fitness training look like?

So, you're not likely to do 100 pound deadlifts in your first session...But you also aren't very likely to rupture a disc either. (Which is an injury that famed martial arts master  Bruce Lee suffered due to improper training...)

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